G Maps Ranking Extractor uninstalled – I’m sorry to see you go!

First: Thanks for using the free Google Maps Ranking Extractor plugin. As you landed on this page, it seems that the plugin wasn’t as helpful as expected. Sorry to see that!

Any chance that you let us know why you chose to uninstall our extension? Email us to plugin@stephan-czysch.de, or leave a comment on this page.

Did you encounter any issue? Are they appearing in Chrome and Firefox? If the plugin works in other browsers on your device, you could try setting up a new browser profile for testing purposes.

If Google Maps Ranking Extractor works in a new profile, it might interfere with other plugins you have installed. Please reach out to me with all relevant information like OS, Browser-Version (and a list of other plugins you have installed).

Thanks a lot in advance!


You can find the latest version of the plugin here:

As you seem to be interested in browser extensions for SEO, please check my favorite plugins and bookmarklets – and my overview of free SEO tools (both articles are written in German)

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