SERP Keyword Extractor Plugin for Chrome & Firefox

Keyword research is an ongoing SEO-task, and search results are one of the best spots to look for new ideas. Besides related searches, search engines like Google or Bing nowadays display popular questions and search refinements.

We wanted to make keyword research in search results as simple as possible and created a free plugin for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to extract keywords from Google and Bing with just one click.

The SERP Keyword Extractor in action

Extracting relevant keywords is super simple:

  1. Perform your search on Google or Bing
  2. Click the plugin logo (or use the keyboard shortcut! Windows: CTRL + . | Mac: CMD + .)
  3. Paste the extracted keywords into a spreadsheet or another tool you like
Der SERP Keyword Scraper in Action

Where can I get the keyword research plugin?

The plugin is available for Chrome and for Firefox. Get your copy from the official extension websites linked below!

Chrome Logo
Firefox Logo

How to use the plugin?

We offer two ways to extract keywords from search result pages:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Period (.) on Windows (MAC: CMD + .) OR
  2. Click on the plugin logo in your browser

The keywords will be saved in your clipboard. Simply switch to a tool of your choice and paste the data in there. We recommend pasting the data into a spreadsheet (BTW: type in your address bar to create a new Google Spreadsheet).

Keep in mind that every time you copy something else, the clipboard content gets overwritten! So paste your data in the storage of your choice.

Which search engines are supported?

The plugin currently supports

  • Google search
  • Google image search
  • Google shopping
  • Bing search

and will extract

  • search suggest
  • related searches
  • user questions
  • search refinements
  • FAQ markup questions
  • image entities
  • search filters

Anything else worth extracting? We are happy to get your feedback (scroll down)!

Note: Extracting search suggests („Google suggest“) is only possible when your mouse cursor activated the search bar. Otherwise, the suggestions aren’t present in the source code – and the plugin can’t catch them. So move your mouse in the search bar and click into it. No need to start typing, but the Google Suggests must be visible. Then click the plugin logo or use the keyboard shortcut.

Meet SERP Snippet Extractor, the plugins little brother

You are looking for an easy way to extract Google’s organic rankings? Then give SERP Snippet Extractor a try.

Whom to say thanks to?

Benedikt Illner (connect on LinkedIn) created the extension based on the idea of Stephan Czysch (connect on LinkedIn). We are living in Berlin and developed several SEO tools and workflows in the past.

Reach out to us if we can support your SEO efforts! Audits, strategies, or workshops? We are here to help!